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Freitags-Eycandy: THE RED STAIN

geschrieben am 6. July 2018 um 12:52 Uhr

Rodrigo Saavedra hat einen ganz wunderbaren kleinen Film mit grossem Spirit dahinter rausgehauen, er ist so klasse verschwurbelt und brillant erzaehlt dass ich den hier unbedingt auf der Weide haben moechte:


Young American Billy brings a red-stained shirt to the dry-cleaning business of an elderly Italian couple.
After he leaves, they spend hours spinning increasingly intricate, improbable yarns about the origin of the stain.
This, in turn, leads them to wonder about Billy’s identity. Is he a hot-blooded lover in the midst of an affair? A superspy? A chess-boxing champion? All of these, perhaps? And why did he venture abroad in the first place?