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Freitags-Eyecandy: THE BOX

geschrieben am 16. August 2019 um 11:58 Uhr

Heute haette ich einen ein wenig creepy Short von Dusan Kastelic mit bei, ich kann nur fuer mich sprechen was den Beeindruckungsgad angeht aber das Ding hat schon gewaltig Bums auf der Metaebene:


You have probably heard of the phrase “To think outside of the box”?
This is a film about such a box and the flat-headed creatures that live inside of it. Life inside the Box is boring and miserable. Until one day a new baby boy starts to grown in the middle of the Box! The boy is very different from other flat-headed inhabitants of the Box- he’s happy, lively and curious. As the boy grows bigger and bigger, the flat-headed neighbours are becoming more and more annoyed with him.
Until one day he grows literally over their heads…

Watch THE BOX , fullscreen, pls.