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Daddeldienstag: Cohabitation

geschrieben am 4. October 2022 um 11:42 Uhr

Heute hab ich nochmals was von AlgebraFalcon mit bei, wie immer sehr komplex und nicht fuer die Faint hearted:


A game about learning to live as one.

CONTENT WARNING: Blood, intense violence, frightening imagery, mentions of suicide, mild light flashes.
200 light years away, the planet Alkia drifts in space. It is home to not one, but two sentient species – the peaceful, technological Alkians, and the terrifying Holl, who live off hunting the former as prey.
Tasked with reclaiming a radio tower to help find a planet capable of harboring life, will you help your species make their escape? Or is there a somehow a way to cohabitate?

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