Daddeldienstag: Poyas Odyssey

Jupsi, nochmal ein Unity-Dingsi zum Daddeln, ich musste wirklich schawoer grinsen denn die kleinen komischen runden Teile sind doch sehr niedlich.
Ansonsten spielt es sich trotz einiger minor Bugs durchaus fluessig und fuehlt sich heimelig an, ungefaehr so wie die ersten Konsolen-Gehversuche in den Achzigern:


It’s a simple idea, and yet it’s executed here with both ingenuity and style… and no small amount of charm, given the expressiveness of the Poyas themselves. The lack of dialogue and exposition doesn’t necessarily hurt the experience, though it can occasionally mean interpreting the pantomime hieroglyphics that provide your instruction is potentially difficult. It’s a short game, and chances are you’ll wish it was even longer, since while it lasts, Poyas Odyssey manages to deliver the sort of relaxing, intriguing experience few puzzle games really manage. It feels a bit more conceptual than finished product, although that might be wishful thinking since a bigger adventure taking place across multiple locations seems like something this sort of concept was made for. Don’t let its brevity turn you away, though… if you’re looking for a simple yet clever idea, thoughtful puzzling, and a calming mood, Poyas Odyssey is the perfect choice, and the type of thing I hope we see more of in the future.

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