Neues Mittwochs-Wasn-Dasn (Aufloesung)

Joabersicherdoch, es ist diesmal watt wirklich Brauchbares fuer…

…Menschen mitohne Bleibe, das Teil nennt sich Casa Básica, gemacht hat das Martin Azua und es ist tatsaechlich ein portable Home:



This tiny gold fabric cube is probably the most portable shelter on the market! Made from a smart material that traps heat inside during cold weather and keeps it out while in hot weather, this cube promises to be way simpler and smarter than the average tent.
Not only is the material perfect for all weather, we love that this cube can fold into a tiny square that stashes perfectly in your pocket. And as far as inflating the cube, just unfold it and shake. Once inside, the cube responds to your personal body heat and stays inflated.

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