Daddeldienstag: Host in the Shell

Fuer euren Dienstag hab ich euch einen supercuten Plattformer von Squeydar mitgebracht, jetzt wo bald ja wieder die Openwater-Schwimmsaison losgeht finde ich ist das schonmal ein jute Einstimmung zu:


The only survivor of his kind, Thierry (but born Bernard of his first name) L’hermite,  undertakes a long adventure that may lead him to the remains of his ancestors.
Bernard will have to brave the dangers that await him hides in the marine depths  by changing of “shell-house” which grants him each of the different abilities.
Made with love and laughters by Les Suricates du 34 for the Global Game Jam 2019 (Diversifiers: Mind over matter, Bolter is jammed!)

Play Host in the Shell

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