Daddeldienstag: Mix Up

Diesmal haett ich mal was wenig Anneres mit bei…ich bin ja mehr so der “Uiii, guck mal wie schoen…oh ich bin tot” -Gamer aber fuer Leute die sich von eine Timer nicht beeindrucken lassen hat das schon was:


Gemacht hat das Teil guoboism_game und weils doch ein wenig kompliziert anmutet hier schon mal die Anleitung zu:

This is a block-placing match-three puzzle with a twist on color mixing.

Place blocks on board,
Try to match 3 blocks of same color in a row.
The goal is to survive as long as possible.

You can put blocks onto existing blocks,
and their color will mix up!(If the colors are different)
For example, Cyan+Yellow = Red
And Red+Blue = Black
But note that BLACK blocks are dead,
as they won’t match with other blocks.
If the blocks are the same color,
color will not change but instead, there will be DOTs appears on the block,
and when it reaches 4 the tile would explode.
Gradually, the board will randomly grow.
If you match 4 or 5 blocks in one time, you get a RAINBOW block;
6 blocks or more. you get a PLUS block to grow the board anywhere you want.
LEFT MOUSE BTN = Place piece on board
RIGHT MOUSE BTN / MOUSE WHEEL = Rotate piece (for those larger than 1×1)

Play Mix Up

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