Neues Mittwochs-Wasn-Dasn (Aufloesung)

Jaja, die Asiaten sind schon manchmal seltsame Voelkchen…aber wenn sie es nicht waeren muessten wir auf dieses…

…superdupertolles Produkt verzichten, denn es ist in Asien der Burner und macht Kniee hell.
Also wenn man keine hellen Knie hat:



No matter how hard you rub them with a sponge, those wrinkled-skin spots in the elbows and knees never seem to lose that dark hue. It’s not your fault: the outermost layer of our skin is made of dead cells and especially in those areas, tiny particles of dirt have been piling for years. Until now: the Minologi Hiza-awana Knee Cleaning Foam promises to send them away for good!

The Minologi Hizaawana Foam Clear Pack will form a bubbly layer over your knees and elbows and work its magic for 10-15 minutes. After that you just peel it off and discover what the real color of your skin was underneath those pesky dirt particles. You’ll never feel cleaner!

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