Freitags-Eyecandy: Forgotten in Time

Heute hab ich mal eine Dokumentation von Destination Adventure mitgebracht (leider nur auf der Tube zu kriegen), die haben sehr viel Schoenes im Portfolio aber dieses Time Capsule Dokument finde ich sehr sehr bezaubernd:


I Have been so lucky to explore some extraordinary places in my lifetime, but few even come close to this one. This is the 153 Mile Store, and it has sat perfectly preserved – full of unsold merchandise – since the day it closed in 1963. I grew up just down the road from this location, so I was always aware of it, but it was so much more than I ever expected. Its rare that you get to see old artifacts in good condition, but this store is FULL of artifacts in literally brand new condition. This store opened in 1900 and ran until 1963, when the owner died in the store behind the counter. Shortly after that, the doors were closed and locked and it has sat just the same ever since.

Watch 153 Mile Store

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