Daddeldienstag: Terra/Nova

Heute haett ich fuer euch ein Exploration-Daddeldingsi von maizelongboat mit bei.
Nicht umsonst ist es zum Gewinner von “Best Emerging Digital or Interactive Work” imagineNATIVE Film & Media Festival 2019 gekuert worden:


Set on Earth in the far distant future, this 2-player cooperative platformer explores what first contact between Indigenous and Settler peoples might look like thousands of years from now. The game follows the stories of Terra, an Elder Earthborn landkeeper, and Nova, a youthful Starborn inventor as they explore their respective environments and interact with the people in their communities. Their two worlds collide after a mysterious spacecraft crash-lands in Earthborn territory and Terra is asked to investigate. Nova, in the meantime, is separated from the rest of his people and must navigate an alien world to find them. Players must explore unique environments and interact with interesting characters to uncover mysteries of the past.

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