Daddeldienstag: My Friend the Painter

Orla haette da was Feines (wenn auch steuerungtechnisch etwas hakelig…die Performance mag vielleicht im Download besser sein) im Bereich Arty-Fartsy-Puzzler fuer die Platzi Olimpiadas mit dem Thema “The Game of Truth” rausgecoded und lasst euch durch das monochrome Aufmacherpic nicht taeuschen…es ist bunt ohne Ende:


If you have ten minutes to play something nice, you wont be disappointed by this game. Find your way in this tiny island by using pictures to change what you see into what is. This is a tiny and interesting puzzle game. One single mechanic explored with beatifull visuals and music.

I made this game for the Platzi Olimpiadas Competition, In a six day sprint to explore the theme of “what is reality?”

Reality is what we perceive through or senses, as deceitful as they can be. Reality exists in the eyes of the beholder.

Play My Friend the Painter

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